How to Invest

Certurium is currently traded on 2 exchanges, in this article we will show you how to log on to each of them and buy some CRT

Visit STEX at

From the home page select the Sign Up link 

STEX is a full featured cryptocurrency exchange and is very powerful. Go through the registration process following the on screen instructions.

Next use the Buy Crypto menu option, select the currency you want to use to make your purchase such as EUR, USD etc, the select the currency you want to buy. 

You can’t buy CRT directly, you first need to buy another currency, like Bitcoin and in the next step exchange it for CRT.

Follow the on screen instructions on setting up an account with the merchant and buy your crypto. 

Once your money appears in the exchange balance, it’s time to buy your CRT. To do this you first have to convert the crypto you bought to a USD equivalent crypto and then buy the CRT. So if you bought Bitcoin, you would need to first exchange that for USDC and then convert that to CRT.

  1. Select the TRADE menu
  2. Enter BTC and select BTC/USDT
  3. Select SPOT, Enter teh amount of BTC you want to sell, Click the red SELL button

If you bought USDC or USDT initially, you wont have to go through this double conversion process, but sometimes there are more options for buying BTC than buying USDT or USDC, which is why we mention the process here.

Once you have your USDC or USDT, you can repeat the above process to buy your CRT.

The process is similar for P2PB2B, start by visiting and registering your account


Once registered, you will find the Buy Crypto option on the wallet menu

Follow the on screen prompts to buy your crypto. Similarly to STEX, you will be able to buy USDT directly or BTC and then exchange to CRT.

Note that you may need to go through a KYC (Know your customer) verification process. Again just follow the onscreen prompts.

To buy your CRT, follow these steps.

  1. Use the TRADE menu
  2. Select either BTC or USD as you base currency, search for CRT and select the trading pair.
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay per CRT, enter the amount of CRT you want to buy, click the Buy CRT button.

Registered members will be automatically alerted as new exchanges are added, so register now, it’s free!

Also, if you have any questions about investing in CRT the best place to ask is our friendly Telegram group. 

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